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Why do i bother? [Tuesday
August 23rd 12.22pm]
okay i give up on this thing...nobody reads...nobody comments. GOODBYE

August 6th 1.37pm]
I just got home from camp, and it was amazing. I already miss it and want to go back. They called Kate Kayla and I the K trio. But then we became good friends with Abby. All the councelors hated us because we didnt sing or dance, and a few times we had to sing with the councelors. I didnt mind standing nect to daddy and eric in front of the whole camp. oh yeah we called our concleors dan and erin mommy and daddy. We thought they were secret lovers and had a kid named logan. Memories

K trio
Poop group
Drill team
Hanging from the rafters
mommy and daddy
plan 1,2,3,4,and 5
scared of a frog
surfing on the beds
Logan Duffy?
Is he gay??
My friend wants a pic of you
looking 25 times
Her gallop is smooth
11 peices of gum
there is probably soo much more. I cant wait to go next year...maybe ill convince my mom to go for two weeks. I love all you camp people!!!

Time for another pointless update [Saturday
July 30th 3.49pm]
Okay, so I'm updating for Kristen again. hmm lets see well today we hung out and it was fun. And your jealous because we said so. We went to friendlys and ate lunch but they werent to friendly so they should change there name to Meanies. hahaha so we ate lunch and flirted with a 3 year old boy he was so cute and then being the idiots we are sat at our table for half n* hour because we didnt get the memo that we were suppose to go pay at the front. Anyways after lunch we drove over to CVS and walked around once and left. Then we headed over to TJ Maxx and tried on old people clothes. and thennnnnn we went to Target to bother Ryan. We also bough ice cream and paid in all change just to piss him off. haha anyways overall it was a good day and now were gonna go do cool things cuz were cool people. Sorry for another pointless update if you actually sat here and read all of it. Byeeeee

July 27th 7.19pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well seeing as how Kristen never updates, i decided i would...hmm lets see. Last friday and saturday was National Kristen and Sarah day which was UH-MAZ-ING!!!! Friday morning Ryan picked us up and we went to Kohls to buy matching outfits and then we headed up to my grams for a little bit of swimming. After that we both got ready and then headed to Bugabo for dinner with Billiam. Oh yeahh, we also made a national kristen and sarah day cake wich was very yummy. Then we went back to my house and slept. Then Saturday morning we woke up around 10:30ish and went to Snapple.com where we spent over an hour on doing all the snapple facts. Did you know that if you keep a goldfish in dark room it will turn white. i bet you didnt. But yes, after that we went back to my grams house for more swimming and then kristen went home cuz Callie came!!! ((woottt)) But overall National Kristen and Sarah day was fun and you know your all jealous.

hmm..im not really sure what happened sunday or monday because i wasnt with her so we'll just skip ahead to tuesday.

Tuesday~ well it was Kristen's Birthday so Callie, Kristen, and Myself all went out to applebees for lunch. And then we once again went up to my grams to swim. Then a little later on Kristens daddy picked us up and we went back to her house for a birthday dinner and cake. Then Kristen opened up her presents ((sorry you didnt get your horse)) but she did get apples to apples which we ended up playing later on that night. And then we did other fun stuff and once again you know your jealous. Oh and for all you people who didnt wish her a happy birthday you ought to be ashamed of yourself and apologize and wish her a happy belated birthday.

Today~ we went to the beach!!!

...okay that was a pointless update but i was bored.
...Byeee :o)


July 18th 5.34pm]
so colorado was A W E S O M E . went white water rafting (fabuloso... got soaked) and went to the hot springs (witch were... well, hot, by the way!) in glenwood springs.We went to a whole bunch of other placec too. Like the Florrisant gift shop..cough cough (EM). We did not see a bear. humph-to-the-dumph. and colorado was supposed to be bear country. psshh. ya right.
Em andi had the best time everrr// em wake up there's a MOOSE outside our window, hot choco explosion, techno dances, ok yea they're dry go get the hair dryer,Zack#1 and Zack#2, texting ryan (and by the way i don't like it when you call me princess), chubby motorcycle man (bounce bounce)

Andrea: Shar, what are you doing???
Auntie Sharon: o just checking on the plants.
Emily: NOW?!?!

Well Guess you hadda be there, but ask if you wanna know. So obvioously I had an awsome time, and your jealous. Commentt!!!!

July 18th 3.08pm]
In a short description: went to colorado...very fun got home next day went to cape cod. got home the 16th hung out with sarah. of course good times. 8 days till my birthday...better start shopping. Ok details laterr.

June 27th 11.41am]
Yeah so yesterday was good. At like 11am Sarah came and picked me up and we went to her grams house to swim. We had the house so it was fun. Then John came over to swim too, then after we all went back to his house. Then we went back to sarahs grams house, and hung out there for a bit. Ryan came and picked us up, and we went for ice cream, then drove around. Thennnn Ryans car broke so someone picked us up and dropped us of somewhere, and we walked the rest of the way to Johns house. Yeah so for the rest of the night I was at Johns house with sarah, sam, and josh. Thenn we all stayed over night there, and now im here and i am soo tired seeing as i got like 1 hr of sleep. So now i have to go visit my cousins and take a loooong nap.

June 25th 9.12pm]
em sorry for that last update...i was just a liiiitle mad. Everythings pretty much all better. This weekend was quite tiring. I went to my grams house to stay over and hang out with my little cousins from alaska. Lemmie tell you i have never seen kids with so much energy. We went to canobie, relatives house, then had a cookout at my house. Now im readdy to pass out. Tomorrow I think im going to hang out with sarah fo the whole day before i go to colorado. And of course we will have toons of fun. Okay well im going to go take an ICE cold shower, and pass out from a looooong few days.

June 22nd 9.28pm]
ugh I hate people sometimes. Especially when they tell you they can hang out after they do something so you sit around all day and wait then they call and they are doing something else. How retarted. It also kinda sucks when your friend flirts with the person you like all the time. Especially when they know you like that person. Once again...i hate my life. Why must people be so retarted. They cause me to do stupid things like i did today..which i will not mention. Now maybe ill go do it again. sdwdefcgvhbn GRRRRR.

June 21st 8.03pm]
I really hate my stupid life. I thought it was getting better. Guess not. Its suck and i really really dont ever want to wake up again. Going to bed now and hoping i never wake up again. Not that anyone will miss me or anything. Its for the best.

June 19th 7.14pm]
Hey! Im updating instead of Studying. School gets out in two days and im wiicked excited. This weekend was okay. On Friday I went mini golfing with John and Sarah. That was fun...but we are major cheaters. Then after I was guuna go to Johns house but my mom was being an ass, so i couldnt go. Then on Saturday I went to Kelly's free birthday party at the bubble. That was fun. We played field hockey, and soccer. Then i went to my grandparents house to help my pops watch my cousins. That was fun. Then I got home wicked late, and went to bed. On Sunday I wraped my dads presents, and ate some yummy blueberry french toast. Being the good kid i am i then washed both of my dads cars. Im so nice. Then we went to some art musem in boston to see all of Ralph Laurens gigantic collection of cars. Kinda boring. Then my dad took me to Starbucks to get a mint mocha frappachino (yummmy) Then my mom made me clean my room, or else I couldnt go anywhere tomorrow. Now its clean, so I can hang out with Sarah and John tomorrow. We are going to Sarah granny's house to swim. Woop. Oh yeah and i scored a goal in summer leauge field hockey...go me! Um yeah i think thats it so i can quit procrastinating, and study for my finals...poo


June 7th 8.16pm]
Okay so its been foreeever since I have updated. Of course I dont have muuuch to say, but ill say what I got. Hm at this moment we have11days 17hours and 57minuts till shool is out. Yes im counting down. My cousins from alaska are coming to visit. So thats exciting. Then its off to Colorado for me. Yeah your jealous, and i KNOW you will miss me. I get home the 9th and I think leave the next day for camping. Thats for a week. Then I come home, and a few days later...CALLIE COMES!!. woo. I get a new sister for a week. My birthday is on July 26th incase anyone wants to send me presents/money/cards/or anything. Then to Spencer mass. for horse camp. Looking forward to that. Im there for a week. Then home again. Proally more camping after that. Then unfortunatly back to school. Oh yeah and somewhere in there im going to try and fit drivers ed in, and ill get my permit on my b-day (if I pass). So for my birthday i want a horse, an ipod, and my belly button pierced. Doubt i will get any of those...but maybee my belly button. Hm so school is okay now...English sucks...but thats okay. Bocce rocks. Um yeah we deff. have team t-shirts...your jealous. We are tied with MVP. Go us! (bocce like its hawt) Um what else. Well I got my haircut today...nothing exciting. Um i kinda helped move the couches :D well I kinda supervised. The new leather couches come in thursday. yippie. Summer Leauge Feild hocke starts next weekend. yessss. I miss FH. OKay well nothing else really soo...BYE! Oh yeah and to switch it up a little post your name and ill tell you what I think of you :)




May 22nd 6.23pm]
Okay so this weekend was pretty good. Friday was okay. I stayed home and watched Raising Helen. Pretty good movie. On Saturday I went to clean up the playground for care, then after help set up the kiddie carnival. After that I went home and waited around some. Then Arianna came and picked me up and we went to the barn. I got to ride her horse..very fun. Then I went home and made cookies for Steph's house, and wrapped her present. I then went to Stephanies house and hung out till about 9ish. Went home, and Matt, Josh, and Arianna were there already. So I changed quickly, and we headed off to Worcester to some party. That was fun.Well except for sketchy Mike. I think he wanted to rape me. we were there till about 11:30 then Matt brought us back to Ari's house, and I slept there for the night. On sunday Ari and I attempted to make pancakes. Then I went home showered, and got dressed. Then my mother and I went to go see phantom...very good. Now I am here telling you about my weekend. The End


your jealousCollapse )

May 20th 8.14pm]
[ mood | blank ]

No class is fun.

MCAS are not.

Fourth lunch is awsome.

weekends are cool.

boredome is not.

comments are good.

not getting them is not.

the o.c. is good.

The season ending is not.

clean rooms are nice.

cleaning them is not.

okay I think that I am done.

Or am I not.



woah. [Thursday
May 19th 9.29pm]

April 28th 8.18pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I really dont like my life at all. I would much prefer to like die, or maybe just sleep all the time. Im really just miserable all the time. I stupid in school. Im probably annoying to most people. I hate my hair, face, and body. I suck at all sports, or anything that I do for that matter. ugh


April 24th 6.10pm]

April 17th 9.26pm]
I am such a kid. Today I:

* ate spagetti o's
* jumped on the trampoline
* ate pudding snacks
* played with sand
* had a water fight
* watched zoey 101
* wore the same thing as chelsey
* climbed a rock

In other words I had tons of fun with Chelsey.

p.s. I live in the fricken boonies where am I supposed to go?!?!?

p.p.s. MD

p.p.p.s. Harry Potter

unless you stalk us...you wont get the p.s.'s

April 16th 12.54pm]
Woo...April Vacation!! Kay its been awile. The play was okay. Im now confirmed. Friday was Robins surprise party...she was surprised. Today im going to the mall with marissa and stephanie, and then raquel'a party at 745. Sundayis gunna be super warm :D and Andy is leaving for California. He is bringing Adam Brody home for me! AAAnd on sunday it is Nicoles party. So thats about it for my vacation except for babysitting some maybe. Um im eating spagetti O's right now, then im going to have the cake my gram made me.. :D Well i cant think of anything else right now sooo comment!!


March 31st 6.55pm]
Ok so w/e ill update...
Ok so here is a little skit for yah...Charaters: Kristen Elyse Aru

*Ari walks by*
Kristen_ Ari?
Ari_(in a pissy voice) what..
Kristen_ Um me and Elyse talked to Mr. Bran, aand we are in house now
*Ari stares at Kristen and Elyse in discust...silence*
*Kristen and Elyse look at each other and laugh*
*Ari stares a little more while Kristen and Elyse continue to laugh*
*Ari stopms away like a little kid who just got in a fight with their mother*

HAHA It was pretty funny...um yeah that was a fun time. Ari hates us, we hate her...its like a circle..kinda. That was good.

Right now I am searching for a lethal weapon. Why you ask. I would really like to hurt somone in particular. When I left school today my room was messy (as usual) but i was planning on cleaning it afterschool. I come home from school, and my room is misteriously clean. Hm. I though aw my mom cleaned my room for me. I began to look through my stuff and found that some stuff was missing. Curious..i stated to look around. I said what the heck maybe hey are in the trash. Well guess what THEY WERE. The fricken beast threw my stuff away. WHO DOES THAT. god. I give up with her. and she wonders why i give her attitude. She's a fricken Psyco!!!! kjhgklhfdogljuigt

well now...comment and make me feel better...


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